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"Embrace your unique history and uncover the hidden gems that define your exceptional self, for within lies the key to unlocking your true brilliance."
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Edwina Wright Davis has been writing for more than six decades but Lessons in Mercy is her first book. Her gift for writing became apparent when at age four, she began to journal the experiences of her dolls, playmates and family members in storybooks and plays -- “This is the story of Little Sally Ann who could never stop …” And “my brother’s little legs pedaled as fast as they could as he rode his maroon and white bicycle into the raging rain and wind of Hurricane Hazel while yelling back at me, ‘Get to the basement. I am going to get Mama.’ “. 

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LESSONS IN MERCY by Edwina Wright Davis

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“Lessons in Mercy” is loosely based on Joseph Daniel Herring’s “mess-ups” and “get-back-ups” as he navigates life.

From the dresser drawer of his birth bed, Joseph Daniel was called to teach and lead others to God. The voice of the Holy Spirit guided him, but if he chose to ignore it and walked into a darkness that he could not control, “the light came on” and God revealed himself.

While he was a compassionate man who served others, Joe could never reconcile the rejection of being the only child of his family to be adopted. Joe was reared as an African-American in a community of Native Americans.

He tried to forge a marriage between both complicated worlds, yet the dominant white culture taunted him. One night changed everything for Joe, leaving his community and two families forever changed by his bad decision.

Story TIme  with Edwina 

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