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Lessons In Mercy

Three cultures collide in bitter conflict!  Each is determined to hold onto that which it reveres, that which gives it its unique identity.  For one culture, this means ancestral heritage; for another, land; and for another, time-honored traditions.

This generational combat is personified by Joseph, who has a foot-hold in each of the three warring cultures. He was born to two African-American parents; was adopted by and reared in a community of Native Americans; then finally and inevitably, shoved into the dominant, white culture. His task, as he saw it, was to find the best in each and forge a marriage. 

Lessons In Mercy follows Joseph’s mess-ups and get-back-ups as he navigates the detours of life from “the dresser drawer” to the deathbed.

While the book is about mercy, it is also about lessons.  We often believe that wins take us high and losses take us low…that we learn more from getting it right and less from getting it wrong, but think about that…and in the words of my friend’s mother,  Mrs. Mary Hill, “If there’s a lesson in the loss, then you ain’t lost nothing!”

Lessons In Mercy is an inspirational story, based loosely on the life of Joseph Daniel Herring.  Some names and locations have been changed to protect privacy. Others have remained unchanged to preserve authenticity and history.

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