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Meet the Author
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Edwina Wright Davis has been writing for more than six decades but Lessons in Mercy is her first book. Her gift for writing became apparent when at age four, she began to journal the experiences of her dolls, playmates and family members in storybooks and plays -- “This is the story of Little Sally Ann who could never stop …” And “my brother’s little legs pedaled as fast as they could as he rode his maroon and white bicycle into the raging rain and wind of Hurricane Hazel while yelling back at me, ‘Get to the basement. I am going to get Mama.’ “.


During the years while manuscripts lay dormant in Edwina’s heart or in dusty file folders, she continued to do the things that writers do. She read religiously and joined book clubs. She received a Batchelor's Degree in English from Bennett College and a Masters Degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. For a time, she followed her passion as a writer in WFMY TV-2’s news and advertising Divisions. She regularly enrolled in writing workshops and classes.

By far, however, Edwina’s greatest source of inspiration and encouragement came from real-life conversations with great writers whom she knew and respected. These included Dr. Jonetta B. Cole, Dr. Maya Angelou, Dr. Pearl Cleage, Dr. Coretta Scott King, Actress/playwright, Ruby Dee, Dr. Daisy Daggert Buckner, First Lady Penda James, Rev. Garnett Huguley, Dr. Karla Scott, Ms. Linda Joyce, Mrs. Pamela Wimberly Jones, and Mrs. Joyellen Williams.

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